Margaret Cho Will Kick Bristol Palin's Ass

Margaret Cho flaunted her raunchy, naughty and hilarious nature in Cho Dependent on the House of Blues main stage Friday night.

Feisty and energetic as ever, Cho opened the show with details about her new gig on Dancing with the Stars and a promise to kick Bristol Palin's ass and go "Tonya Harding on everyone" when the show premiers September 20. She charged head-on into raunchy with an explanation of her winning strategy, which calls for having the most pronounced camel toe. That was just the opener.

Delivering each joke with just the right amount of offense and shocking crudeness, Cho kept the crowd laughing for almost two hours as she joked about sex, homosexuality, getting older and her plans of running amuck if she's ever in a nursing home.

"I'm going to pull out my dentures and give 'double-barrel' another definition," Cho joked. "I want to be f***ed until I ask 'What's my name?' because I really need to know."

"Everybody needs a goal," someone in the crowd yelled.

The show, titled after her newly released 13-track musical CD, promised something new for Cho fans too--a chance to witness Cho show off her musical chops. She didn't disappoint. No lip-synching required here, because Cho has a respectable singing voice to go along with her humor.

"I'm putting the [kuhnt] back into country," she announced before she sang "I'm Sorry," her first of three songs of the night and the only song with a non-vulgar title.

Cho closed the show perfectly with the tuxedoed Gay Men's Chorus of Houston joining her on stage to end the evening in song. Funny to the last drop, the group sang only the chorus, which consisted of the words, "Your dick....oh..oh..oh" repeated over and over. Good nasty fun for everyone!

Tish Stringer, an avid Cho admirer agreed. "She was fierce; no-holds barred."

Some of Art Attack's favorite quotes of the night:

"The condom is for you, not for me;" "Stoners are the true Christians;" and "You'll never love the lord as much as you love cock," which Cho directed to the gay guys in the crowd.

The only disappointing part of the evening happened before the show even started. A sign announcing "Per the Artist's Request, No Cameras" greeted us at the ticket counter. In addition to the signs at the ticket window, bouncers said that if you were caught so much as taking an iPhone photo, you would be shot on site, and then escorted out. Ok, just escorted out.

Art Attack respects Cho's wishes, of course, but would like to note how picture-worthy cute she looked with her braided ponytails, pleasantly snug black spandex pants and fully-studded, chucky-heel open-toed silver booties.

Side note: HOB, what's up with the one elevator to get everyone off the balcony level after the show? Never mind the possible fire code violation, but your bouncers get a little testy after having to answer the question "Why can't we just go down the stairs?," by patrons that have been waiting in the elevator line for 15 minutes.

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