Meme Of The Week: Birds With Arms

Here comes this week's meme, Birds With Arms, to wake you up from a candy and family-induced post-Easter stupor, to put you into a state of catatonic fear.

Yes, these are cute, cuddly birds with massive guns that would make would-be hunters think twice about unloading bird shot into that tree, and also wish that they didn't let their gym membership lapse.

Assuming one of these creatures didn't lose their wings along the evolutionary path to ripped biceps and killer, bulletproof delts, the thought of a bird flying through the air and stealing things off your head or out of your hands is frightening.

Those tiny fingers and arms of fury, righting the wrongs of hunters, Colonel Sanders and the religious cabal at Chic-Fil-A...

The military implications of birds with arms is too much to bear. You get it, too much to bear? Like how gun owners have the right to bear arms? It's also interesting to note that, as some of these birds evolved to have appendages, they also found places to get tattooed and have their armpits waxed. Vanity: it's not just for humans anymore.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty