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Meme Of The Week: Nicolas Cage As Everyone

You know that Art Attack is a firm believer in actor Nicolas Cage,from the best movies in his canon, like Raising Arizona and Leaving Las Vegas, to listless blockbusters such as The Rock and Face/Off, all the way to recent cinematic uber-blunders The Wicker Man and The Knowing. Speaking of weirdo Cage movies, I finally got to see Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call- New Orleans a few weeks back, and it's probably my new favorite Cage movie. It features plenty of sweaty Cage screamng, drugs, hallucinations, Eva Mendes as his prostitute girlfriend, and a chubby Val Kilmer as his partner in fighting crime.

So here comes Nic Cage As Everyone, a blog that has been burning up all the secret underground pro-Cage online communities, featuring the actor as well, everyone you can think of. Some of the Photoshop jobs are ridiculously good, making you wonder not only how much time people have on their hands to Cage-ify other celebrities, but also what would happen if their skills would be used to cure poverty or disease and war.

We picked out a few of our favorites, which make us ponder a world where everyone could be Nicolas Cage. Hey, plastic surgery is getting better and better every day. Maybe you and me can be Nicolas Cage one day.

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Craig Hlavaty
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