Meme of the Week: Spock Is Not Impressed

The return of Meme of the Week after weeks and weeks of dormancy brings us Spock Is Not Impressed, created by Web guru Sean Bonner and first thrown onto his Google+ account a few weeks back. Remember Google+? That was fun. All the circles and acquaintances, and the folks leaving Twitter and Facebook for a few days...

Anyhow, SINI is simple enough, with Bonner subtracting a glum, unimpressed Spock from a scene from the original Star Trek series and pasting it into other pop-culture reference points. No doubt someone out there can tell us from which episode it came, the story line, the date it aired, the scenes deleted from the telecast, the guest stars, the date it first aired in syndication and what the gaffer ate for breakfast that morning.

We picked a few of our favorites out from around the Web, which took to SINI like a fat kid at a buffet. What? I can say that because I used to be a fat kid that loved buffets. With the inherent nerdiness of the Star Trek world, you can expect this meme to not go anywhere for a while. May the force be...I mean, boldly go wherever you wanna like, go or whatever.

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