Meme Of The Week: The Situation Room

Just hours after the world heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed by United States Navy SEALs in Pakistan, the White House released a harrowing official picture of the brain-trust behind the attack in the Situation Room watching the events unfold live before the general public knew what was happening.

And of course it only took hours after that for the picture to get the meme-ing of its short life, mixing the events of the previous days, namely the Royal Wedding, into the picture.

Let's not forget the Hasidic Jewish newspaper in Brooklyn that just scrubbed out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Counterterrorism Director Audrey Tomason from the historical picture due to religious tenets about women being inherently so damned sexy that we can't print pictures of them.

Even Bill Clinton doesn't get off on Hillary Clinton, so then what makes the Hasidic community think that their readers will be led astray by her stern attention to the screen in the picture? As for Tomason, she could just be explained away as former Journey frontMAN Steve Perry. No problem.

On top of that, the picture was released from the government asking that there be alterations made to the picture, but that's no fun. Doesn't the Obama administration know that memes are coping mechanisms in the 21st century?

Here are some of the best Situation Room photos, leading off with one of the most literal translations ever, bringing the Jersey pain to Osama's front door, baby.

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Craig Hlavaty
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