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Meme Of The Week: Tom Hanks As Animals

If you don't cry at least one point while watching Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump, you may be an inhuman monster, and if all the 50 movies and counting in his body of work since Bosom Buddies don't warm your heart and make you feel like you are the part of a great and positive spiritual force, then we feel sorry for you. Yes, you should like even Dragnet.

It was only a matter of time before his special brand of everyman humanity and charm would be crossbred with the animal kingdom, with Tom Hanks Is A Lot Of Animals.

This site collects simplistic photo editing jobs of Hanks' head on the bodies of various animals. Chimps, sharks, lizards, and even cute lil' puppies with scrunchy faces we just wanna kiss. Yes we do. Yes we do.

Here's a clip of all the scenes of Hanks urinating or using the restroom in his wide canon of films, because animals pee and poop too, and Hanks is better than most animals.

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Craig Hlavaty
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