Meme Of The Week: Women With Mens' Chests

Welcome to the jungle, men of America. Have a fun time trying imagine the hot sexiness that is the bootylicious Kim Kardashian or childless hag Jennifer Aniston after you have seen them sporting killer abs and rocking pecs in this week's meme, Women With Mens' Chests.

Does Beyonce Knowles do it for you? Well, how about Sasha Fierce with a chest that would make her hubby Jay-Z jealous? Hova can spend hours in the gym with a trainer and still not look that good. Dudes, Kim Kardashian sports an ass from Mars, but what if she had the chest of One Tree Hill's Robert Buckley, hair and all? You know you still would hit that, dudes. Not me though, I'm all man. I can deal with a bit of a happy trail on a broad, but only of she's rich or something.

The person who made these is more-than-likely an emotionally-crippled genius, and I salute him or her for their Photoshop prowess. Now if they can only put Christina Hendricks' boobs on Jason Statham, not that that would complete some sort fantasy in my head or make me at peace with my stuttered sexuality or something.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty