Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Notes from the Internet

Some of us who love fashion may never get to New York Fashion Week (mocking trends lists probably doesn't help one secure a front row seat), but we can certainly enjoy it from the comfort of our own homes. The articles, slideshows, and "get the look" Instagrams have been rolling in since Fashion Week kicked off last Friday, and so far the Spring 2014 looks have been lots of fun.

Let's take a look at some of the best places to follow the fashion online.


Instagram may have eclipsed all other social media outlets as the best place to find New York Fashion Week images. Follow your favorite magazines, newspapers, models, designers, cosmetics brand, and celebrities to see photos from the catwalk and backstage.

• Nail polish brand Essie has an awesome Instagram feed that includes instructions on how to "get the look" from various runway shows (Donna Karan, Theory, Diane von Furstenberg). • Following designers is always a good bet for a good mix of runway, backstage, and humblebrag celebrity shots. Christian Siriano, Milly by Michelle, and Zac Posen are sharing tons of NYFW photos. • Arguably the most fun? Following the models who are wearing the clothes. Outside of a few big names, they are practically anonymous so it's cool to see their personalities and not just the clothes they wear to work. Ajak Deng and Posen-favorite Coco Rocha are sharing lots of pics.

On the flip side of the "Instagram at Fashion Week is awesome" coin is Culture Map's Clifford Pugh, who argues that the need to share the images instantly takes away from the emotional experience of viewing the clothes. It's an interesting argument, but as someone who can only experience the clothes from home, the instant gratification is too tempting to reject.


Obviously fashion bloggers from across the country--and around the world--are covering nearly every angle of New York Fashion Week. No one does it better, or with more humor, than The Fug Girls from Go Fug Yourself; they are always a must-read during fashion-centric conversations.

Into the Gloss has a lot of excellent coverage, including hair and makeup. Read their series, "The Backstage," from various designers' runway shows to learn how to achieve the hair and makeup look the models wore.

Is it old fashioned to read the New York Times coverage of fashion week? Something about it feels very Sex & the City, but reading daily coverage online keeps it feeling modern.

New York Fashion Week "Boutiques"

Everyone is covering New York Fashion Week. Everyone. Yes, the usuals--Vogue, Elle, Glamour, et cetera--but also CNN and Huffington Post, alongside the New York Times, E! News, and just about every other major publication on the planet. Pick one, open a browser, and hide it behind spreadsheets in case your boss walks by while you're browsing.


Wondering why there isn't a list for where to find New York Fashion Week on Pinterest? There's a story about that ... for later.

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Christina Uticone