Merry Christmas From Art Attack! Five Underappreciated Holiday Classics to Watch

Did the weeks of pre-holiday shopping, cooking, and family interaction leave you feeling a bit run down? It's understandable; there's just something about the most wonderful time of year that can leave even the the strongest among us looking for peace away from our friends and family.

Perhaps you should consider making yourself something warm to drink, putting your feet up, and watching a nice holiday flick. We're not talking It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, or Elf either; no, today is a day to enjoy this holiday movies that haven't been ruined my near constant exposure year in and year out. If you haven't seen these flicks before you're in for a treat, and if you have then get reacquainted with an old friend. Don't thank us -- just have a Merry Christmas!

5. Brazil For those looking for: Quality Cinema

While the film itself is largely considered to be one of the greatest of all time by people who like movies, most forget that it takes places during Christmas. So while it's correctly rated as a film film it's underrated as a holiday film. Therefor you should give it a watch- you can even choose the "Love Conquers All" version if you absolutely need a happy ending today.

4. The Magic Christmas Tree For those looking for: Something Batshit Insane

The Magic Christmas Tree is the classic tale of a boy, a witch, a talking Christmas tree that can grant wishes, and Santa Claus. It's also a powerful tale of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. OK, maybe calling it powerful is a bit of a stretch, unless powerful suddenly means "utterly bewildering." Give it a watch, and then seek out the Rifftrax version for extra laughts.

3. Scrooged For those looking for: Bill Murray Being Awesome

It's a mystery as to why Scrooged isn't more popular than it is. It used to be a staple of cable TV holiday programming, much in the same was Christmas Vacation was. That's a shame because it's got a great cast firing on all cylinders, including Bill Murray just killing it all the way through. Plus, who doesn't want "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" stuck in their head?

2. Rare Exports For those looking for: Scary Santas

If you're a fan of the "children in danger" sub-genre of horror films, you're going to love Rare Exports. Ever see those photos of kids sitting on Santa's lap crying their eyes out? It's because they know that there's something creepy about the dude and they haven't been brainwashed by commercials yet. Rare Exports takes Santa back to his punishing-the-naughty roots and has an ending that's just delightful.

1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang For those looking for: Something like Lethal Weapon but not actually Lethal Weapon

You may not know the name Shane Black, but if you grew up in the '80s you've probably seen the movies he wrote. Really the most important thing you need to know about him is that he wrote Lethal Weapon and The Monster Squad and those two flicks alone make him awesome. This is his take on the neo-noir and is set during Christmas, but in California where everything looks great even while the rest of the country is freezing. It's also one of the films responsible for Robert Downey, Jr.'s revitalized career, and Christmas is a great time to celebrate second chances.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.