Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble Announces Residency at New York Dance Lab

Houston's Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble, a contemporary company that is known for incorporating musicians into its dance performances, will officially become the artist in residence for Shapeshifter Lab, a new multidisciplinary performance space in Brooklyn, New York at the end of July.

Shapeshifter is led by musician Matt Garrison, who is interested in "exploring new ways of writing and performing music, developing interactive performance technology, and cultivating an environment for collaboration and experimentation," according to a release.

The dance company's residency with a special film screening and the commencement of a new film project that will continue into the fall, when Shapeshifter officially opens.

Michelle Brangwen Dance Company will still perform in Houston for its 2011-2012 season.

"We look forward to the opportunities for exchange and collaboration fostered by having a base in two cities," the release said.

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