Midnight Moving

SAT 8/23
At one time or another you've probably sneaked out on your bike for a late-night tryst. And you've probably been busted for it, too. Well, here's a chance to go legit. At this year's Montgomery County Food Bank Midnight Bike Ride, 500 cyclists will either zip or meander -- depending on their skill levels -- through the streets of The Woodlands into the wee hours of Sunday morning. To participate, you'll need to attach a light to your bike, but there's no need to buy an expensive kit at the bike shop. Organizers say a flashlight secured with duct tape will do. And rear reflectors, helmets and, of course, those all-important bike safety rules are a must.

The event, which raised $17,000 for the food bank in 2002, features a bike safety rodeo and other kids' activities. Don't forget to pack a couple of extra nonperishable food items in your backpack for the food bank. Pre-race events and registration begin at 10 p.m. Saturday, August 23. Panther Creek Shopping Center, 4775 West Panther Creek Drive in The Woodlands. For information, call 936-539-6686. $20 registration. -- Greg Barr

SAT 8/23
Spare Us
Don't let a gutter ball problem keep you away from this weekend's Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Pasadena Metro Bowling Tournament. "This is by no means a serious bowlers' tournament," says organizer Tina Johnson, noting that last year's low-scoring team of four bowled a 67 -- a good 160 points lower than the high-scoring team. The event is less about strikes and spares than raising scholarship money for area high school students; last year's tourney raised about $3,000 for the cause. If you are a good bowler, though, try to hit a strike when the alley's "glow pin" is on. You'll score a homemade dessert. 3 p.m. Saturday, August 23. Diamond Lanes, 6327 Spencer Highway in Pasadena. For information, call 281-542-0272. $25; $10 for kids 12 and under. -- Cathy Matusow

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