Miley Cyrus Wants You to Think She Is Crazy, Which Means She Is Not

Remember a decade ago, when if young starlets wanted to lose it they went to clubs in Las Vegas, got wasted and flashed their panties (or lack thereof). Britney, Paris, Lindsay and other young ladies whose names are forgotten tried to hide from cameras in their most wasted or drug-fueled moments of embarrassment. Perhaps the reason the only pics we got of these ladies were when they were caught off guard in moments of mortification was that they weren't taking these photos of themselves. Those were the good old days, when young celebrities were really hot messes.

But nowadays, young Hollywood doesn't wait for the paparazzi to snap them in a moment of embarrassment or weakness; they do it all on their own and then they post it to their Twitter feeds. Juvenility has really changed into a purposeful attention-grab, not drunken hand-over-face cover.

One of the biggest offenders of such "hey, look at me be crazy" is Miley Cyrus. As with so many young celebrities, Cyrus's whole life has been on camera, but unlike the Britneys and Xtinas of the world, she doesn't pretend not to want the attention. She wants it even in the privacy of her own home.

Cyrus has been known to tweet pictures of herself braless, making offensive "Asian" faces, in see-through pants, sniffing bags of fast-food, shaving her head and most recently "twerking" in unicorn pajamas. Yes, Cyrus has been all over the news for posting a video of herself twerking.

For one, I had to look up "twerking," which is a dance that apparently involves shaking your butt. For two, I realize that I am just as guilty as the other "news" people who feel the need to write about Cyrus acting nutty. Don't bother to call me out on it; I have met the enemy and he is me.

But this aside, what I find so interesting about Cyrus, and other young stars as compared to the generation before them, is the need for constant attention and exposure and for people to think that they are basket cases. Why did you post a video of yourself dancing in a onesie? Did you really think it was necessary to share this (apparently it was because we are all talking about it), or did you do this so that the media would go into a frenzy over how you must have issues? When Lindsay got caught flashing her un-pantied crotch, it was an accident; this is all very purposeful, on purpose. When Britney lost it on a car with an umbrella, it was reality, not for the cameras. It's like Cyrus wants us to think she's crazy, which surely means that she actually isn't but is just really good at self-promotion.

Cyrus is only 20, but in childhood celebrity years that is equal to 50. She's got a very long road ahead of her if "acting crazy" is her form of self-expression. I mean, Drew Barrymore was really an alcoholic at 12, and really flashed Dave Letterman on his show. Cyrus is tame compared to that. She apologized for taking pictures of herself smoking "not weed." Paris Hilton was arrested for smoking weed in another country and is now banned for life. Cyrus got engaged at 19. Even the MTV Teen Moms are doing better than that and who are they, anyway (seriously, who are they?)? Cyrus dresses scantily and chops her hair. Boring. Britney shaved her head and was sent to a psych ward! Now that's crazy!

I don't know if Cyrus will ever really lose it; she probably has parents who are too good, but I will keep a dutiful eye out as a media writer with nothing better to do.

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Abby Koenig
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