Mitch Fatel Loves the Ladies...Of All Cup Sizes

It's not hard to tell what's mainly on the brain of comedian Mitch Fatel when he sends out tweets like this: "Leaving AZ and coming home to a warm vagina...if my gf remembered to take it out of the fridge."

A regular performer on New York stages since the age of 15, Fatel's frequently sex-based humor probably began to flower while serving as an intern on Howard Stern's radio show, and he later titled his first CD Miniskirts and Muffins. So be forewarned that the Improv has noted on its website Fatel's show "is not for the easily offended." Especially, it seems, if you are a woman who is, um, not that well endowed in the torso.

"I like small breasts, they have more personality" he says on the new DVD Mitch Fatel is Magical. "They're like 'Hi, can I help you with something?' and you're like 'Naawww. I'm just looking.'"

And while detractors may be incensed that his style of delivery is reminiscent of a mentally challenged person (Fatel's last CD was titled Super Retardo), it does add a "wait for it...wait for it" comic anticipation to the punchline. "Everything on the Internet leads to sex," he offers. "You can look up 'bread' what what will come up is 'hot girls shoving bread into their pussies'...And I kind of want to see that."

June 2-5 at the Improv, 7620 Katy Freeway. $17-$20. 713-333-8800 or www.improv.com

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