Mixing Business with Leather

Every day millions of people carry around a secret that bonds them together: They love to wear leather! Oh, we're not talking about those folks who wear tight Ricky Martin leather pants or those idiots at the clubs who look like a La-Z-Boy chair. We're talking about hard-core, saddle-sores, spurs-and-chaps, whips-and-straps, nasty-ass folks -- but we really shouldn't judge them.

Certainly the organizers and hosts of the Tx LeatherFest Weekend won't be passing any judgments. For three days, several spots in and around the Montrose area will be inviting these frustrated fetishists into their establishments with open arms -- maybe with a blackjack clenched in their fists, too. "There are major, major events like this around the country," says Doug Decker, owner of Bull Dawg Productions, which is putting on the event.

Decker and his crew assure die-hard leather locals that there won't be any of that pansy pleather shit going on at this throwdown. The weekend's pièce de résistance will be the Mr. Lone Star Drummer & Drummer Boy Contest, in which dozens of men dressed to the leathery nines will compete for the title of the city's best leather men. (What they have to do to win those titles should be left unmentioned.) The bottom line is that this is just a chance for people to gather and revel in the leather lifestyle. "I know many people who are into leather," admits Decker. "I know some that wear leather under their clothing."

So don't be surprised if you go to this event and see your mailman or your hairdresser down on all fours wearing a leather thong. He's just releasing his inner fetishist.

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Craig D. Lindsey
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