Modern Art 101

SUN 9/21
The prints of these modern art masterpieces are everywhere. Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night, with its swirling stellar landscape, hangs in dorm rooms across the country. Claude Monet's Water Lilies can be found in any shopping mall, on everything from coffee mugs to toilet seat covers. The drooping clocks of Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory have tickled stoners and literati alike for years, and they have the T-shirts to prove it. Considering postmodernism's emphasis on imitation and its playful hollowing out of cultural icons, its seems like the hyenas of the later movement might have had the last laugh at the expense of these quintessential works of modern art. Now we can reclaim these modern classics in all their lumpy glory at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's new exhibition, "The Heroic Century: The Museum of Modern Art Masterpieces." The show presents 208 pieces from the MoMA in New York and covers virtually every significant art movement of the 20th century. The feast of modern art favorites includes seminal works by van Gogh, Munch, Matisse, Braque, Monet, Picasso, Chagall, Mondrian, O'Keeffe, Dalí, Rodin, Pollock and Rothko. Many of the works are instantly recognizable from ad campaigns and postcard prints, but they regain most of their original dignity within the white walls and hushed sighs of the museum space. A film series and an array of public programs will accompany this monumental exhibit, which runs from Sunday, September 21, through Sunday, January 4. 1001 Bissonnet. For information, call 713-639-7300 or visit $5 to $12.50. -- Keith Plocek

SAT 9/20
Business Beat
Rappers couldn't rap without a proper beat, yet a producer's job is often outshined by all the bling-bling that rhyming brings. If you can drop a beat like Dre but can't match his dollars, join Carol Guess at Saturday's "Guess Session," an intimate roundtable discussion with hot H-town producers Sean Blaze (50 Cent, Juvenile), James "Beat Assassin" Dennis (Ginuwine), John Broussard (Beyoncé) and Kevin "Kavy" Reeves (Devin, Eightball & MJG). 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, September 20. Doubletree Post Oak Hotel, 2001 Post Oak Boulevard. Online registration ends Friday, September 19, at 2 p.m. For information, call 713-660-7003 or visit $30 presale, $40 at the door; cash only. Student discounts available. -- Felicia Johnson-LeBlanc

SAT 9/20
Give a Dam
One woman can make a difference. The documentary film DAM/AGE chronicles writer Arundhati Roy's controversial campaign against the Narmada dam project in India, a fight that eventually led India's Supreme Court to convict her of contempt. Roy fought to show "how power shines the light, and what it chooses to illuminate and what it chooses to leave in the darkness." The film follows the activist in the days leading to her conviction, focusing on her bold struggle for political and personal justice. The screening of DAM/AGE, presented by Voices Breaking Boundaries, will be followed by a discussion with the film's producer. In Roy's words, "The only thing worth globalizing is dissent." 7 p.m. Saturday, September 20. DiverseWorks, 1117 East Freeway. For information, call 713-228-2052 or visit $7 -- Keith Plocek


FRI 9/19
Forget L.A.
The Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival draws independent filmmakers to Nassau Bay

Down here on the other other coast, we've got a lot to offer the entertainment industry. The Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival will draw independent filmmakers to Nassau Bay in an effort to sell the area as a cheap but talent-rich location. The films are stacked up pretty tight, so plan ahead to catch the interesting ones, including The Ninjews, a five-minute claymation piece about, well, take a wild guess. Barry Corbin will receive a lifetime achievement award at a dinner Saturday, September 20. The festival opens with a wine and cheese mixer at 6:30 p.m. Friday, September 19. Films screen from Friday, September 19, to Sunday, September 21. Clear Creek Country Theatre in Nassau Bay, 18091 Upper Bay Road. For information and a complete schedule, call 281-333-5804 or visit Three-day pass $50. -- Lisa Simon


Body Music
Physicians are trained to recognize patterns in the human condition. We give them the symptoms, they figure out the diagnosis. Combine that skill with a talent for language and it is no surprise to find poetry at the end of that equation. C. Dale Young (MD, MFA) will read from his debut collection of poems, The Day Underneath the Day, at Brazos Bookstore. Jennifer Grotz will join him with a reading from her first poetry collection, Cusp. 7 p.m. Friday, September 19. 2421 Bissonnet. For information, call 713-523-0701 or visit Free. -- Lisa Simon

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