Montrose Art Society Seeking Local Talent

Does showing art in multiple shows, participating in smaller group exhibits and having control over your own page on an art-based website sound good to you? Well, does it? Then you may be down with this.

The Montrose Art Society, which has been bringing it for the past year and a half, is looking for five artists to join their club. Founded in February 2010, the group's modus operandi is to "further help in developing and strengthening the artistic careers of each individual member, while engaging and interacting with the Houston community through the arts."

Current members include Andre Amaral, Edu Portillo, Michael Abromowitz, Nico Whittaker, Raul Gonzalez and Tony Parana.

The application deadline is midnight, July 31. Ten finalists will be handpicked from the submission pool; those lucky duckies will then be asked to participate in a group art critique on August 4 at Alliance Gallery.

For details, check out the Montrose Art Society website.

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