Mortal Kombat: Legacy Finale Postponed Until Comic Con

For those who have been wondering when our coverage of Kevin Tancharoen's groundbreaking web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy will resume... we've been wondering the same thing. With only two episodes left to go, word about the delay has been scarce on the series' home at

A little digging around Tancharoen's Twitter account, which is as close to an official website as he maintains, netted us a June 4 announcement that the next episode will not debut until Comic-Con in late July. Further information is unavailable, although Tancharoen has stated in the past that the final story arc will involve Cyrax and Sketor.

The cyborg ninjas, modern members of Sub-Zero's Lin Kuie clan, have already made semi-appearance in the series. During the first story arc in which Sonya Blade, Jax, and Stryker try to arrest Kano, the criminal activity he is involved in is dealing in high-end cybernetics. The first shot follows Cryrax's mask as it rolls down the assembly line.

Where the series will go from here is anyone's guess. Warner Brothers has expressed some interest in allowing Tancharoen to helm a full movie production, but the director has also teased a possible season 2 for the series dealing with the actual Mortal Kombat tournament. The tournament, Earthrealm's last chance to stave off invasion from Outworld, would be the same as the one portrayed in the first and most recent games, though not necessarily with the same ending.

A change of ending can certainly be expected as of the original seven Kombatants, ultimate tournament winner Liu Kang is the only one who has not appeared thus far in the series. Also missing from the first game is legendary mortal Kombat champion Goro, the four-armed Shokan who has prevailed in nine previous tournaments and is poised to win the tenth and final contest.

Should season two happen, Tancharoen believes that he will be able to include Goro in a realistic way, and also plans to include Kabal, a hideously disfigured fighter who survives on a respirator and fights with hook swords. Here's to hoping Mortal Kombat's most impressive monster finally gets the due he is deserved.

We'll see you folks in July!

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