Mourners Hold Lightsaber Vigil for Carrie Fisher in Katy

Scores of Star Wars fans traveled to Alamo Drafthouse: Mason Park in Katy on Friday to celebrate the life of Carrie Fisher in the most logical way: with a lightsaber vigil.

Fisher, 60, died last week after a heart attack. She played Princess Leia in the original three Star Wars films as well as 2015's Episode VII. She also wrapped filming on Episode VIII, due in theaters this December.

On Friday, fans dressed as Star Wars characters to remember Fisher's role as Leia and as a trailblazer for women in film.

"She was such a great actress and a great screenwriter; she was a great author," one fan remarked of Fisher. "She's done a lot for women's health and mental illness. And it's such a huge loss to our community that she is gone."


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