Move Over, Mankini: We've Made Our Own "Fashionguistics"

You gotta love the industry for its artistic, often bizarre, concoctions. With Fashion Week upon us, we are sure to see some very inventive (and impractical) threads grace the runway. But even more off-the-wall than some of the fashions will be the manner in which they are described.

We all remember the "metrosexual" craze of 2007; all of a sudden men who liked to wear scarves and drink Pinot had new meaning. Since then, the linguistics of fashion has hit a high note. Just recently, President Obama was slammed for wearing a pair of "mandals," men's sandals. And we fondly remember the Seinfeld episode in which Kramer created the male bra, the "mansierre" or the "bro," but that was supposed to be funny. "Manties?" (Yep, that is male panties.) "Mantyhose?" Now things are just getting out of hand.

We can't wait to see what new designs will hit the catwalk in the next few days, but we're really excited to hear what they will be called. Art Attack came up with a few fashionombos (that's fashion and combo) of our own.

Meggings - Men's leggings. This one is too obvious. Get on it the Gap.

iClutch - A clutch specifically for your phone. You can't carry much else in a clutch anyway.

Shlove - It's a shirt, but then it becomes a glove. Neither the word nor the idea sounds very appealing, which means we'll see it on Rihanna soon.

The Vench Coat - Trench coat sleeves have been getting shorter and shorter, thus taking away any of the practicality they were designed for. It's only a matter of time before trenches become vests, and there you have a vench coat.

Munic - A man's tunic. Not to be confused with the German city.

Midiskirt - It's somewhere between a mini and a maxi.

A Turtleface Sweater - A big turtleneck that you can pull up over your eyes. Seeing is so last year.

Cuff-off Shorts - They are like cut-offs, but then you cuff them to maximize their shortness.

Manks - Spanks for dudes. Even the manliest of men want to look slimmer under their tight shirts.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.