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Movies You Can Watch for Free on YouTube (of Varying Artistic Merit)

For the past few weeks, I have been trolling through the vast and wonderful landscape of YouTube searching for feature films in their entirety. A few weeks back, I even did a piece for our music blog Rocks Off on the best rock documentaries you can find on YouTube, which seemed to make people happy, but probably not their bosses.

Lately I have been finding some cult classics, award-winners, comedies and a few dramas you may have forgotten, lingering around on YouTube. I even got to finally see Men In Black III last week, and now I am really glad I didn't spend $20 to see it at the movie theater. I am sorry if you had to endure that pain. For what it's worth, I watched the bootleg and only saw people getting up to take a leak every few minutes.

Here are a handful of feature films you can catch on YouTube, right now, for free. Emphasis on "right now" since they could be pulled down by the time the candle is lit on this blog post.

I already lost the cinematic classic Masters of the Universe, sadly.

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Craig Hlavaty
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