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Muggle Girls are Easy: The Sexual Awakening of Harry Potter

When we first met Harry Potter, he was known as The Boy Who Lived. After eight films and several lip-locks with his female co-stars, he's also become The Boy Who Loved. Here's our look at the sexual awakening of Harry Potter, film by film.

Editorial disclaimer: We're going to focus on the films, so there may be some discrepancies between our take and the books. We're also going to completely overlook the obvious phallic symbols and sexual references that litter the storylines (all those snakes, everyone straddling brooms, the climatic moment when Harry choose his wand, the Monster Book - which looks a lot like a "before" shot of a bikini wax - and Dolores Umbridge's pink office with all those meowing pussy cats on decorative plates that lined the walls). We're sticking to romantic attraction between Harry and the girls at Hogwarts School, with a focus on actual lip-on-lip action.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez