Mulder and Scully and 5 Other TV Couples We Wish Would Happen

In news about as shocking as a possible alien invasion, Internet gossip has recently surfaced claiming that actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, stars of the hit show The X-Files, may or may not be shacking up.

Could this possibly be true? (We will find out because "the truth is out there.") Duchovny and Anderson portrayed FBI agents Mulder and Scully, who tackled the agency's supernatural cases, most dealing with the possibility of life on other planets. X-Files fanboys must be taking cold showers at the mere inkling that the couple that never was, might just be.

It is not difficult to imagine the two sharing a home. Remember that episode "Arcadia," when Scully and Mulder had to go undercover as a married couple to investigate a series of missing persons from a Stepford-like community? They fell into the married routine in a second; it must have been foreshadowing. Hopefully, they are not living in an HOA-sanctioned neighborhood with an anal-retentive demon.

Pondering whether Duchovny and Anderson are a potential couple is such a wonderful way to waste time at work today. Who else can we dream up? Jennie Garth is suddenly single, and with those Old Navy ads tickling our '90s teen-soap fancies, maybe she and one of her former Beverly Hills 90210 costars will fall into each other's arms. What other TV couples do we want to see happen outside the small screen?

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz

This video dedication to the artificial couple takes the cake.

Sorry, Freddy Prinze Jr. and whatever Playmate model Boreanaz is currently married to, but your significant others need to get together. Fans of the cult classic show Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been writing fan fiction and compiling creepy video montages of the actors for years. If these two got together in reality, I imagine they would be able to do the deed with neither of them losing their respective souls or turning into malevolent and sarcastic bloodsuckers. You never know, though.

4. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd

"This coupling will never happen," you may be thinking to yourself, but that's what everyone said about going to the moon, and see how that turned out? It is true that Willis just had a baby with his incredibly hot young wife, and Shepherd recently announced she was engaged to boyfriend Andrei Nikolajevic, so the stars of the hit 1980s dramedy


probably aren't hitting the sheets any time soon. Let's not give up hope yet, though; life throws curveballs sometimes, similar to the plot points of each


episode. "Some walk by night, some fly by day," right?

3. Justine Bateman and Scott Valentine

"Ayyyy!" Give me one good reason why these two should not reprise their roles as Mallory and Nick, the couple that should have never lasted as long as they did, from

Family Ties

-- but in real life -- other than the fact that both actors are married and have other things going on with their lives. Bateman just announced she would be starting UCLA this fall working toward a degree in Computer Science. The biggest question is not


these two would ever make a go at it; it's if they ever did, would Valentine be able to re-create his awesome Nick hairdo?

2. Fred Savage and Danica McKellar

Just two months ago, actress and best-selling author of multiple children's math books

Danica McKellar filed for divorce

. If you heard this info and were like me, your first thought was that hopefully whatever Google alert Savage has on

The Wonder Years

notified him of this information. Savage and McKellar portrayed one of the most tragic teen couples in television history. Unlike the shocking disappointment of the show's final episode, wherein it was explained that in the end they did not live happily ever after, an off-screen romance would make up for the crappy end to the series.

1. Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek

The timing has never been more perfect for the fictitious coupling of Dawson and Joey, from

Dawson's Creek

, to become a reality. Let's ignore the fact that Van Der Beek just had a baby with his wife. Guys, I beg of you, do not wait for your lives to be over to make a Joey/Dawson real-life reunion happen.

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