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Mulder and Scully and 5 Other TV Couples We Wish Would Happen

In news about as shocking as a possible alien invasion, Internet gossip has recently surfaced claiming that actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, stars of the hit show The X-Files, may or may not be shacking up.

Could this possibly be true? (We will find out because "the truth is out there.") Duchovny and Anderson portrayed FBI agents Mulder and Scully, who tackled the agency's supernatural cases, most dealing with the possibility of life on other planets. X-Files fanboys must be taking cold showers at the mere inkling that the couple that never was, might just be.

It is not difficult to imagine the two sharing a home. Remember that episode "Arcadia," when Scully and Mulder had to go undercover as a married couple to investigate a series of missing persons from a Stepford-like community? They fell into the married routine in a second; it must have been foreshadowing. Hopefully, they are not living in an HOA-sanctioned neighborhood with an anal-retentive demon.

Pondering whether Duchovny and Anderson are a potential couple is such a wonderful way to waste time at work today. Who else can we dream up? Jennie Garth is suddenly single, and with those Old Navy ads tickling our '90s teen-soap fancies, maybe she and one of her former Beverly Hills 90210 costars will fall into each other's arms. What other TV couples do we want to see happen outside the small screen?

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Abby Koenig
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