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Mulholland Drive and 4 Other David Lynch Nightclubs We Want to Visit

If you live in Paris, then right now Art Attack wants to switch places with you, and not just because it's so hot outside that we can actually feel our brain simmer. No, the thing that has us saving up for a plane ticket and buying striped shirts and berets is that acclaimed cult director David Lynch is opening a night club there based around his film Mulholland Drive.

Why build the club in Paris? Well, if not for the French we probably never would've seen Lynch's film in the first place. Mulholland Drive was supposed to be the next Twin Peaks, but ABC rejected the pilot episode and Lynch turned it into a full-length film with a little help from StudioCanal in France.

Though we're huge Lynch fans here, Mulholland Drive remains the only film of his that we've seen on its first run in a theater. Jammed into one of the tiny upstairs theaters at the Landmark River Oaks, the experience was best summed up by the Wife With One F shouting out in a dead-on impression of Lynch as Gordon Cole, "They're showing my movie on a trampoline."

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