Must Love Apple: 5 Style Apps We Love (and make us want an iPhone)

When it comes to fashion apps, I'm kind of a cranky fashionista. The hottest style apps for smartphones are designed exclusively for the iPhone. As a dedicated Droid user, this irks me to no end. Imagine my dismay when I was browsing through Vogue and discovered that the official smartphone app for the magazine--Vogue Stylist--is only available for iPhone. I have no intention of switching, even now that iPhone is on Verizon ... although I am seriously considering an iPad purchase to offset my lockout from most of the best style apps.

Thanks to iPhone-having friends, I have been able to play with several iPhone-only apps, and have thus compiled a list of some of my very favorites. This is my wish list--my love letter to these websites to please, please make this humble Droid user compatible with your lover-ly apps!

Vogue Stylist

Damn you, Vogue! The only magazine I have read religiously since childhood--even when all I wore were sweatpants and t-shirts and had a ubiquitous ponytail. Why have you forsaken me?

Vogue Stylist is a free app that allows you to track trends and get editor insights into how to wear them. There are even sponsored posts based on the weather in your location. You can upload photos of your own clothes and the app will combine your pieces with pieces that are hot at the moment to create new looks. Damn you, Condé Nast--make a Droid-compatible Vogue app!


The Sartorialist is a must-read (or view, since it's mostly photos) fashion blog. And the free Sartorialist app is, naturally, iPhone/iPad-only. CURSES. Sure, I can view the website on my Droid, but the iPhone app allows you to view photos at full resolution in a slideshow format as well as save photos and share them to Facebook. WANT.

Sephora to Go

You are a whore-a, Sephora. Another iPhone-only app for smartphones, the free Sephora to Go app would probably cost me a friggin' fortune in impulse purchases anyway. The app allows users to shop, view new products, read ratings and reviews, create shopping lists and gift registries and watch tutorial videos. New features include "Try it On" to get a virtual manicure and "Hot Now" which updates the newest beauty trends (as chosen by Sephora). There is an optimized mobile version of the Sephora website for the unwashed, non-iPhone masses at is one of my go-to websites for fashion; I particularly love their slideshows of all the runway shows--I frequently link them in my runway pieces. The free iPhone app allows for easy viewing of the runway show slideshows, as well as video and a library of past slideshows.


Another checkmark in the "covet" category. Stylebook is for iPhone and iPod Touch, and is described as a "closet manager." Photograph your wardrobe and the app will help you mix-and-match looks; use the calendar to track your outfits and create a "wardrobe history" so you can repeat--or avoid repeating--a particular outfit. You can also create inspiration boards--collages of fashion inspiration.

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Christina Uticone