National Dance Day 2011: The Final Countdown

Today, something kind of cool happened. Someone actually came into the Houston Press offices because they had a few questions about our National Dance Dance Day event, which is happening this Saturday. It wasn't so much the direct approach that enchanted us, but the fact that people are getting almost as excited about the event as we are.

Well, after that lady came in today, it occurred to us that more than one person might have a few questions, so here's the short-and-sweet skinny:

How early do I have to get up? The event starts at 10 a.m. this Saturday. Where is this again? The Houston Press back parking lot, 1621 Milam, as seen in this video:

Who can come? Anyone and everyone's invited to participate. So what exactly's going down? Everyone's encouraged to learn this easy salsa routine at home, then show up at the Press to dance it together on Saturday. We'll even videotape it and submit it via Youtube to So You Think You Can Dance. What do I wear to this? A white t-shirt (and whatever legwear you prefer). What's the food situation? We'll have snacks and water. Weren't there other instructional videos? Oh yes.

What about a video that just shows the dance steps? We've got that, too.

Hope to see you Saturday.

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