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"Neopopstreetfunk" Takes On the Art of Surf and Skate

According to founders Kevin Sechelski and Nicky Davis, "Neopopstreetfunk" was an idea born from a late night in a garage with large quantities of Lone Star beer: "We are artists, striving to throw the biggest and best art shows Houston has ever seen." They seem to be on the right track. In the two years since its inception "Neopopstreetfunk" has become a fixture on the Houston art scene, offering opportunities to fresh local artists and well-established national names alike. In 2010 "NeoPopStreetFunk II" nabbed the Best of Houston Reader's Choice Award for "Best Art Show".

Their latest production is "Boarded Up" - The Art of Surf and Skate, a Gulf Coast charity event opening this Saturday, December 11 and running through January 2, 2011 at Gallery M Squared in the Heights featuring 250 skateboard decks and surfboards painted by over 100 local and national artists. All proceeds from the show go to The Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots operation with over 60 chapters in the U.S. dedicated to the protection of the world's oceans and coastal ecosystems through conservation, activism, research and education. "More people should learn what Surfrider is all about," says Davis, "They're kind of a behind-the-scenes organization getting things done."

Neopopstreetfunk was overwhelmed with the art community's desire to participate. Sechelski remarked, ""We had hoped for a lot of support--130 artists later the show took on a life of its own. So many talented artists all pulling together for a great cause...kinda makes you feel good inside".

Local favorite Uncle Charlie contributed three of his signature skateboards to the show, saying, "This is for a good cause. I'm a Houston native and love the Gulf Coast--I'm so happy to be able to contribute something for this charity."

Boarded Up promises a night of art, music, and mindless banter amid an ambitious display of varied, eclectic styles married with the hardcore edge and the ecological awareness of the skate and surf culture.

Sounds totally bitchin', bra.

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