New Houston Salon Azur West Is the First of Its Kind in the Nation

Every girl we've ever met has made her bathroom or corner mirror into her own private hair-and-makeup sanctuary (even when the bathroom and corner mirror are not-so-private, and the products could burn a hole through a car door but miraculously keep a big puffball of hair in place). If dangerous and cancerous chemicals are cramping your style, then Houston's new Azur West is the sanctuary you've been looking for. Azur West is Houston's only Shu Uemura salon and one of only three in the country.

Last night at the Houston location, in the West Ave shopping area of Upper Kirby, Azur West held its opening celebration with live demonstrations throughout the evening. Each stylist designed and performed their artistic creation from start to finish while partygoers watched in awe.

Shu Uemura was a Japanese make-up artist to the stars who made his way to America in the '50s and started his own cosmetic school, line and boutique. At the Azur West event, sticking with Shu's heritage and culture, each model was dressed in a sleek-and-modern black kimono with makeup to the nines. They weren't typical evening-out looks, but if the Azur West stylists can achieve the visions on display last night, then they can definitely make your hair look right for that perfect evening...or job interview...or Valentine's date. Looking for perfect hair color? Azur West has a one-of-a-kind L'Oreal INOA color bar, where clients have the opportunity to see colorists formulate the perfect shade, and it's all done ammonia-free.

Azur West 2800 Kirby 713-400-2987

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Kristen Eide
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