New Logo, New Charity, the Face of Fashion Houston Is Changing

Fashion Houston rolled out a redesigned logo and a new charity this week. Newly minted partner Vivian Wise hinted at the addition of a charitable component late last year, and this what we now know...

New Logo, New Charity, the Face of Fashion Houston Is Changing
Image courtesy of Fashion Houston

The Fashion Houston Foundation will serve as the charitable arm of the event and focus on providing support for local community organizations and programs. Nonprofit partners, chosen in the lead up to Fashion Houston, will receive a percentage of ticket sales and other benefits yet to be made public.

"Fashion Houston feels it is always a good thing to support the community that supports us. FH6 promises to do just that with The Fashion Houston Foundation," says Wise.

In addition to the foundation, a new legacy award will debut during this year's festivities. Bestowed on an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to the fashion industry as a whole, the Texas Legacy Award will bring more of an international focus to the Houston event.

"... our Texas Legacy Award it will be given to a person who embodies fashion heart and soul. Someone who understands that with beauty comes great responsibility. And has made an impact in that regard."

Fashion Houston has honored stylish notables in the past, including Lynn Wyatt and Becca Cason Thrash, but is seems the Texas Legacy Award will recognize individuals not just for their clothing but also their community impact.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other changes the team has in store, especially in regards to supporting our ever increasing number of emerging designers. More to come!

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