New Movie Trailers Coming to the Small Screen on Super Bowl Sunday

Your Super Bowl Sunday commercial offerings won't just be boob-y supermodels and talking babies, there are also a number of big movie trailers debuting amidst the beer and car ads.

World War Z, Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man Of Steel will all be vying for eyes on Sunday, along with The Lone Ranger, whose studio is going to great lengths to make sure everyone sees its new footage.

The folks at Disney really want us to The Lone Ranger this summer, so much so that they are offering to text a reminder to your phone to watch the CBS Super Bowl Pregame Show on Sunday where they will premiere a new 90-second trailer, per a press release received on Wednesday.

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"Text RANGER to (347639) to receive a Tune In reminder to watch The Lone Ranger new footage debut," begged the release.

Well damn, I guess we just their job for them.

Disney is obviously worried about asses in the seats for this picture, even though Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer are able leading men. The property isn't exactly proven, and most people who watched the show when it aired from 1949 to 1957 aren't the movie-going type anymore.

Having three writers on the film isn't exactly reassuring either.

Even still, the last trailer was fun stuff, and showed off a grimier side to the movie. Here's hoping this new footage is more of the same and not vanilla-flavored for the Super Bowl masses.

Star Trek fans will be glued to their plasmas to get new plot details from the STID spot, and fanboys will be hoping that the World War Z trailer is better than the last one, which disappointed some.

Iron Man 3 will take off itself, still riding high off an Avengers high, and Man Of Steel's buzz only gets better as it marches towards that June 14 release date.

Russell Crowe, who plays Super daddy Jor-El in Man Of Steel has been gushing about the movie all winter, as people who want to be in sequels usually do.

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