No Clue What to Buy for Your Guy this Holiday Season? Go Vintage.

In one week's time, the holiday season will officially be upon us. The only thing that heralds ye olde ChrismaHanuKwanza is my eating my weight in fried turkey and pecan pie, then people watching on Black Friday as complete strangers tackle each other for megasized TVs. Fun times.

Once the season has begun, I usually gorge on gift giving how to's and top ten articles hoping to find the holy grail for my list of loved ones. But this year, not so much. While antiquing with my loving and ever patient husband one Saturday afternoon, he spotted an antique typewriter and said, "I'd love this as a gift." BINGO! Light bulbs and fireworks went off in my brain. I am going to shop vintage this year.

Shopping vintage, resale or antiques is the best of both worlds. I get to do what I love, which is browse stores in Montrose and the Heights for hours, and I get to give the people I love something really original and, in most cases, one of kind.

So, I set out to find a few vintage gifts ideas. With the expert help of stylist Dawn Bell of Houston Vintage fame and the wonderful people of Grace Hart & Company, Vinal Edge Records and Antiques & Interiors at the Pavillion, I think I nailed it.

The Gentleman

Think shopping for Don Draper. Go to items include anything seen in an old time gentleman's club or really good steak house. Desk or office decor Bar set for gentlemanly liquor consumption Antique Flasks Vintage Designer Ties - found a great Halston thanks to Height of Vintage Esty Shop

Chic Geek

If you see it and say, "this is cool!" buy it. This guy attends ComicCon yearly and his heros include Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick. Sci Fi Books Comic Books Vintage Electronics Vintage Games and Gaming Systems Sci Fi Movie Posters His ticket to ComicCon next year - threw that one in for good measure

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Sports Fan

Sunday and Monday nights are hands off for the sports fan. They have all 524 ESPN channels. Find out their fave sport and go on the hunt for anything related. Vintage trading cards Fly fishing lure collections Antique awards and trophies Vintage jerseys Framed vintage game tickets Beer steins Autographed photos

Music Lover

Your guy is into the art scene, maybe is an artist himself. Look for items that speak to his creativity and love of all things creative. Vintage art prints Vinyl records - play or display Framed music sheets or pages from famous books Musical instruments for display Vintage concert posters

History Buff

Watches The History Channel like there will be a test at the end of the week. This guy loves nothing but to tell an interesting story so focus on conversation pieces. Antique memorabilia Newspapers with history making events Vintage cameras Vintage books and magazines Airplane and car models War memorabilia including uniforms, medals and photography

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