Where's your go-to place for costumes? Tell us, please.EXPAND
Where's your go-to place for costumes? Tell us, please.
Photo by Marco Torres

It's Time To Nominate Your Favorite Movie Theaters, Costume Places and More in the Best of Houston® Readers' Choice Awards

Have a favorite movie theater? How about a museum that fills your heart with joy or just plain entertains you? Where do you pick up your costumes. And don't forget your favorite place to people watch.

Please share and spread the good news.

The Houston Press is offering its readers the opportunity to nominate deserving organizations, businesses and people for its 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards, part of the Houston Press Best of Houston® which will be announced in January.

Go to readerschoice.houstonpress.com to access the categories of Shopping & Services, Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink and Sports & Recreation to nominate your favorites. And don’t forget to nominate The Best Category We Forgot. The Readers’ Choice awards go to the readers’ selections while Best Of winners are selected by Houston Press writers.

But be sure to hurry. The primary round of voting to nominate your favorites ends November 27. Fill in your top choices, then come back to this site beginning December 3 to pick the winners from your top nominees for Readers’ Choice in Best of Houston® 2019.

One thing that will be different this year, is how Best of Houston® is delivered to you. It will all be online and instead of being contained in one microsite, it will arrive in each of the weekdays throughout January, starting January 2. The copy will appear on the News. Food, Music and Arts sections of houstonpress.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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