Non-Coherent Couture at JaJo Fashion Show

Straight off her runway spectacular at Project Ethos, Janean Johnson of JaJo Couture brought her most recent collection to the fashion fans of Houston last week. It wasn't the smoothest transition from the fashion-frenzied west coast to the unfashioned third coast, but even when everything was going awry for her show, Johnson kept calm and worked her asymmetrical haircut like there was no tomorrow. Educated at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Johnson is a wizard at whipping up threads for all occasions. Whether it's a jersey-draped dress with abstract knot-and-braid details or structured, multi-layered, Asian-influenced evening gowns, the lady does it all. The 14-garment collection was more grab-bag than coherent, but Johnson kept people on their toes, waiting and anticipating the next costume. She started JaJo Couture in 2008, making one-of-kind, custom-fitted garments. That's right ladies, she'll make it fit your body. Pretty sweet deal. And from there, we'll let the photos say the rest.

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