November Kickstarter Round-Up: Photobooth in a VW Bus and Sock Evangelism

Once a month we'll be bringing you a look at some of the best local Kickstarter campaigns in order to let you know what's getting ready to be unleashed through the help of small investors.

The MABUA No show Socks: Do you remember that episode of Married... With Children where Al gets knocked unconscious, and while he's out he thinks he meets with God who tells him to design shoes with socks already built in? Here's a reminder in case you don't, but the point is that Al became a prophet for the Lord in regards to the shoes that He, barefoot hippie that He was, wanted to be built upon the Earth.

While watching Chinaedu Okwumabua in the video above I felt that same sort of bewildered awe that usually accompanies observing Ed O'Neil and his most favorite character. Okwumabua has, by his own words, scoured the world for the secrets of the totally invisible sock (Secrets known generally as "cotton" and "spandex" in the most holy sock texts but in this case also includes bamboo). The result is a masterpiece of foot comfort that is, and I quote, "the perfect gift for anyone that wears shoes."

I'm not sure if Okwumabua is nuttier than my mom's homemade trail mix or really onto something here. Regardless, $8 gets you two pairs of the magic socks, and for specialty socks that's not a bad price at all. More than that, if you're not willing to fork out the price of a Baconator Deluxe for a dream this kooky then you may be dead inside.

Goal: $5,000 by November 29

Patternistic Coloring Book for Adults & Kids: Normally, I have nothing but backhands and venom for people that want to raise money to print books on Kickstarter because that is just a damn scam and in general only the patently stupid attempt it in the first place. Seriously, look at this idiot who wants $30,000 just to turn a book he has already written into a screenplay just because he thinks it might make a good HBO movie. He lists his risks as "I think the biggest challenge will be getting the script in front of agents and producers. I'm sure they get bombarded with scripts all the time. I may have to get an agent to help with that." Still, asking us to basically pay for bribery is better than this mouthbreather who wants the same amount to pen a fictionalized account of his own life story as a mental health police officer... and who only offer a freakin' free e-book at the $50 donation level on top of that!

But Sumera Momin here? I like her. She's producing a simple coloring book that's based on repeating geometric patterns. I know for a fact that my daughter would love one, and frankly it's the sort of thing I'd want by my desk as well for a little mental health break between big projects. $8 gets you a small version of the book, which is perfect for travel or little hands. $15 nets you the full-sized version, which is a little steep for a non-licensed coloring book. However, I'm just glad to finally see a realistic author on Kickstarter for a change.

Goal: $5,000 by December 8

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VW Van Photo Booth: William and his young son have two shared loves; photo booths and Volkswagen vans. Since he happened to have an extra vehicle lying around he thought to himself "Why not create a mobile photo booth out of the van?" and that's a fine idea by all accounts.

The completed van will serve as a perfect mobile photo booth for people to hire at parties and get together. Part of it will be a closet with costumes and accessories, while just behind the driver's seat will be the booth proper so that patrons can take all the wacky-faced shots that you are by law required to take in such a setting. All presented in the one-of-a-kind charm of the awesomeness that is a VW Van.

The only real downside to this project is that investors aren't really getting much out of its completion. Not really. Twenty dollars gets you a print or a T-shirt of the photo bus being used done by Marvel artist Chris Forman, which isn't exactly stupendous. You'd think for $20 they'd at least offer to drive to your house and let you use it. It's only when you get into the triple digits that rewards on those lines are offered.

Still, the idea is cute as hell, and that's worth a couple of bones to make happen.

Goal: $7,000 by December 9

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