Now Read This: Ten Great Articles on Style, Fashion, and Beauty

As I embark upon my Very Glamorous Trip to Albany, NY this weekend I have been assembling reading material for the plane. Naturally I'm bringing a real book--I'm smart!--but I am even more excited to read the long, long list of articles I have bookmarked over the last few weeks. I never have time to read everything that lives on the Internet, so my bookmarks folder almost always runeth over with options. I promise to share the best of the best with you another time, but for now here is a selection of articles I have had the time to read. You're welcome.

Into the Gloss

It didn't take long for Into the Gloss to take the top spot on my Favorites list. It really is like reading a fabulous, online magazine. It makes me want to get into a time machine, go back fifteen years, move to New York City, and wait for my turn to work and write for them. Here are some of my most recent favorites:

How to Clean Your Face, Part One and Part Two: Oh. My. God. You guys, we have been washing our faces all wrong! These two, short videos give you instructions on how to use the products you already own, but better. Awesome.

Wayne Goss' How to Know Your Eye Shape: Stop wearing unflattering eye makeup, and learn how to enhance your eyeballs with eyeshadow!


The fashion bible always has at least a couple of juicy stories, and this month is no exception.

The Kate Upton Effect: Everyone loves this girl, but does anyone really know anything about her? This profile will delight fans and newcomers alike. Kate Upton seems ... normal.

Rebel Yell: Celebrating Punk at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Now that the Met Gala is over, a look behind the curtain on why the Met is going Punk Rock.


Gwyneth Paltrow's website, goop, is totally amazing. Peruse her exclusive goop Collection, because you've always needed a $1500 enamel skull necklace and a pair of mismatched earrings--one a safety pin, the other the word "love" in script--for $1,250. She's also selling "Supergoop" brand sunscreen, because why not take the opportunity to cross-promote?

I'm also enamored of her piece on editing your closet. I, too, must often part with my designer Stella McCartney pieces ... and you don't even want to know how many YSL blouses I've had to alter!

The Non-Blonde

This used to be a daily read for me, but Gaia updates so frequently I now set aside an hour or two on weekends and just gorge myself. A few pieces of particular interest lately are all scent-related:

Packing Perfume for a Mini-VacationHow to Shop for Vintage PerfumeThe Ten Best Perfumes You Aren't Wearing, Part One and Part Two

Vanity Fair

It's the interview everyone has been waiting for, and VF has an excerpt in their online edition. Pick up the magazine for the full piece--it's sure to fascinate.

Exclusive: John Galliano, in First Interview Since Firing, on Addiction, His Outburst, and His Future in Fashion: It's been two years since he was fired from Dior for his anti-Semitic outburst--what say John Galliano?

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