Now That Marvel Has Daredevil Back, What Should They Do with Him?

It was recently announced that Fox was returning the film rights to the character of Daredevil back to Marvel, thus ending any continuation of the film series that started off badly with the Ben Affleck-helmed 2003 film and only got worse with Elektra. The move puts the final nail in the coffin for the rumored Joe Carnahan (A-Team)-directed attempt at a reboot, which is just as well since Carnahan is also allegedly attached to a film adaptation of Gath Ennis's Preacher, something much more his style.

So now Marvel has back both one of its best and most difficult properties, and there is little to no chance that they're going to let it go to waste. With Spider-Man still in the hands of Sony Pictures and the Fantastic Four set to reboot with Fox, Daredevil is Marvel Studio's best bet to really explore crimefighting on the streets of New York City, something that is conspicuously absent in the six films the studio has so far released since it's so instrumental a part of the Marvel comic mythos.

The question is, "What on Earth do you do with Daredevil in film?"

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