Of Course the Batman vs Superman Movie Got a Dumb Title

Titles are not the most important thing when it comes to film quality, but they are important. Face it: Jaws just sounds cooler than Ripple.

And so it's with great anticipation that we've all been waiting on what the official title of until today untilted Batman vs Superman was going to be. This is, after all, be the first film to bring these two heroes together and is the set-up for the eventual Justice League movie, so it's just got to have a title worthy of two of the most iconic heroes of all time.

So what super inspiring title did they finally drop on the masses today?

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Wait. What?

Oh Warner Brothers... how do you continue to be so bad at this?

Listen, I know coming up with titles is hard. Even Marvel has trouble with it; I mean, really, The Dark World (an afterthought in the movie) and The Winter Soldier (in the movie, but not really what the movie is about)? Age of Ultron is a bit better for The Avengers; it at least rolls off the tongue OK.

But Dawn of Justice? These is supposed to be a rousing superhero adventure, not something that sounds like a historical epic about the court system. It also pretty clearly signals that the movie is really just going to be a few hours of pre-Justice League plot, which isn't how you treat the two most famous comic characters in the world.

Maybe this movie was always fated to have a bad title. Do you remember last year when Warner Brothers went on a domain name buying spree that showed just how bad their thinking was? Dawn of Justice is rough, but at least we didn't end up with Man of Steel: Battle the Knight.

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