Office Art: Where's It Hanging?

Museums and galleries aren't the only places to gawk at fine art. Plenty of corporations and businesses snatch up works to hang in their lobbies, communal spaces and boardrooms. Art Attack wants to know what's hanging at your office. Where are the hidden masterpieces? What clunky eyesore sculpture did your bigwig bosses install in the atrium? No "fine" art to be found? Show us the unfortunate kid-scrawl your proud-parent officemate magnetized to the fridge. Do you work with "cubicle curators?" Send us pics of you and your fellow employees' decorated workstations. Big points to who can tell us what graces the walls at Halliburton and BP. We're curious. Send your stuff to artsblog@houstonpress.com, and we'll post the best in a weekly roundup.

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