Oh! And a Second, Better Man of Steel Trailer? Yes, Please

Look, I was probably never not going to see Man of Steel next summer. I even sorta-kinda liked 2006's Superman Returns, which seemed like a necessary evil. Hey man, Brandon Routh was almost too frat-house white to play Superman. Fun seeing Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, though.

REWIND: Pop Rocks: What Did We Think of the Man of Steel Trailer?

Superman Returns was real dumb, but Man of Steel looks amazing. From the trailer's music, the colors, the flying effects, the Kevin Costner, General Zod's goatee, I could go on. Christopher Nolan producing and helping with the story bodes very well, too.

Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Superman looks like one that I would want to follow for three movies, unlike Routh's.

Plus, Superman has a beard! Like, he could be standing next to you at a Band Of Horses concert and you wouldn't know it.

I know I said in the earlier Lone Ranger post that all I wanted for Christmas was for that movie to not suck, but I wanna add that boss Superman ring to the list.

See June 14, 2013....

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