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"Oh, Hi Houston!" - Tommy Wiseau & The Best of The Room

This weekend at the Landmark River Oaks Theatre, you can meet the star, writer, and director of The Room, the noted auteur Tommy Wiseau, as he presents his cult-classic film tonight and tomorrow at midnight with a Q&A session.

The "Love Is Blind" Tour pulls into Houston, and by my estimation this is the first time the man has been in Houston promoting his now nearly eight-year-old movie. I think I maybe first saw the movie in 2005 or so on DVD or the Internet. I don't remember at the moment. Get off my back.

The Room is about a banker, played by the burly and virile Wiseau, whose wife cheats on him repeatedly with a friend of his, unraveling everyone's lives. There's strange, out-of-place plot holes, odd production choices, and Wiseau coming off like a European Marlon Brando. As a longtime lover of Cinemax erotic thrillers, The Room was old hat, so we were hooked.

The Room-Best Scenes All in all it's a sketchy and fun film, if you're in on the joke. I've watched it with some people who sat aghast the entire time, while others and myself found life-long catchphrases we would use forever. Above is a clip of some of the best moments from The Room and just ahead are some of the best mash-ups to to get you in the mood. Why not see it twice? Twice the Tommy, twice the fun.

Star Wars vs. The Room

The Dark Knight vs. The Room

Full House vs. The Room

Patton Oswalt vs. The Room

The Monkees vs. The Room

Inception vs. The Room

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