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Oh, What the Hell; Let's Kill off Even More TV Characters

When I first brought up the subject of various television characters who could safely get bumped off with little impact on their respective shows, it was in response to Brian the dog's death on Family Guy. That was December of last year, and I really hadn't thought of revisiting the topic until HBO went and forced my hand with the "shocking" death in last Sunday's season premiere of True Blood. How did I know it was shocking? Because that's how it was described in every article that talked about it.

What's more surprising is that anyone still watches True Blood in the first place, but I digress.

Now that summer's officially here and most of your favorite programs are in reruns or about to be (none of you are actually Rizzoli & Isles fans, right?), it's time to look at more characters that should be put out to pasture. The Death Pasture.

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