Okay, We're Getting Really Serious Now

In a two-in-one effort,


and Hypercon, Inc. present "Christmas (Holiday) Cards from the Edge" Gallery & Contest at


You can:
1. Send us a special holiday scene that catches your eye. Take a photo (color or black-and-white) and send it to us right away. We want to showcase all the glorious neon-lit delights of your neighborhood. The top entrant of the strange and unusual will win a Polaroid camera, film and other prizes. Plus, the work of the top finishers will be shown off to the thousands of folks who access our site.

2. Go to our web site and make use of some of the submissions we've already taken in to send out your own on-line Christmas cards. Visit our "Inter-active Postcard Depot" now on-line: www.houstonpress.com/extra/postcard/index.html

Send photos (nonreturnable) to Liz Belile, On-line Editor, 1621 Milam Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002. Or e-mail your jpegs or gifs (up to 50K) to Daren Lunsford, On-line Design Director, dlunsford@houstonpress.com

Happy holidays from www.houstonpress.com.

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