On Pinterest? Follow These Houstonians

By now you've surely heard about Pinterest -- the self-curating social site that turns everyone into a magazine features editor. It's often thought of as the lazy man's Tumblr, or, more accurately, Tumblr for chicks, thanks to all the pins devoted to wedding planning, DIY crafts and baking. And while everyone follows Etsy, West Elm, Nina Garcia and whoever else is on this list (where's the Pinterest board on who to follow on Pinterest?), we decided to check out what our fellow Houstonians were up to. And out of the 10 million registered users, we bring you these five who are showing you how it's done. And two of them are dudes.

Robert Boyd

This prolific blogger, who covers the Houston arts scene over at The Great God Pan Is Dead, keeps the conversation going on Pinterest. Already photo-heavy on his Web site, he adds even more here, with images from his blog, others he's taken around town and elsewhere pinned on such customized boards as "Art I've Seen and Liked," "Graphic Design and Illustration" and "Comics I Like." Recent pins include photos from Richard Serra's show at The Menil Collection. A prolific reader, too, Boyd also offers his recommendations on books. Try and catch up.

Sarah Pope

A self-described photographer, artist, teacher and cook, Sarah Pope pins about all of the above on her 28 boards. There are odes to her art and photo inspirations, love to breakfast foods, home design, dance imagery, vintage finds and, our favorite, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" -- all things Texas, from shirts with the state map on them to color graphic posters of our fair city.


Lynn Lane

One of our featured 100 Creatives from last year, Lynn Lane has one of the stronger followings among the pinners on this list, with more than 400 fans kept satiated through his 40-plus boards. He uses Pinterest mainly as a virtual portfolio, posting his stunning photographs from the Houston dance scene, including live-action shots and portraits, as well as his high-fashion work. But you can also enjoy his recommendations on great makeup work, hair, tattoos, nerdy stuff, men's shoes, spotlights on classic Hollywood and documentary images, and some stupid cat photos.

Houston Foodies

Don't let the name fool you -- this isn't just food porn (though there is some of that). Find ideas on crafts and books to read, obligatory cute animal photos, things to do in Houston (Continental Club and West Alabama Ice House get shout-outs), and take a trip down memory lane with the board "Hurricane Ike, you bastard...," which sounds funnier than it is.

Tara Kraus

All hail the Houston queen of Pinterest. This busy Pinterest user has uploaded a whopping 6,597 pins to 96 boards, as of our last count, like it's her job. But we won't let just the numbers do the talking. You can find modern ideas for every room in the home, ideas for photo displays, kid-oriented activities, scrapbooking tips, DIY crafts, cupcakes and color inspiration -- just your quintessential Pinterest user.

And, of course, you can show us some love by following our very own Houston Press boards on Pinterest, where we highlight some of the best images from Art Attack.

Now tell us -- which Houstonians do you recommend on Pinterest?

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Meredith Deliso
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