One More Reason to Attend BestFest: Live Graffiti Painting by Aerosol Warfare

Earlier this week, we gave you a list of reasons to attend BestFest (we were particularly proud of bringing Hipster Bingo back to the blogosphere). Well, we've got one more reason: Watching graffiti art collective Aerosol Warfare create a BestFest-themed work of art.

"We're going with a Midtown theme," Aerosol Warfare artist GONZO247, who will do the live painting on Sunday, tells Art Attack. "We're going with what makes Midtown unique, you know, it's not Downtown, it's not the Galleria. You'll get a good feel for the buildings and the community in Midtown."

But he will also draw inspiration from the live aspect of the festival.

"A lot of times, when we do something live, we'll have a general idea of what we want to do, but a big part of the inspiration is the energy that comes from the event," he says.

For the music-inclined...there will be some of that, too.

For tickets, visit the BestFest website. Now with $25 one-day tickets!

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