Orange Show Named Most Impressive Thing Built By Obsessive Person

Well la dee da, Houston. The accolades just keep rolling in for our Space City. This time Houston is being noted on Cracked.com (so this is some big business) on their list of the "5 Most Impressive Things Built by One Obsessive Person," and wouldn't you guess it, The Orange Show is No. 1.

Since this is Cracked, it is fair to assume that they are making fun. Perhaps taken out of context, it may seem weird that Orange Show creator Jeff McKissack really loved oranges enough to build a monument to the "perfect fruit." But Disney did the same for a mouse, right, and no one's making fun of him.

Rather than taking offense at this satirical list, we should be proud. Houston is filled with crazy things that people not from here just don't get. There are those giant creepy Art Guys statues on 22nd and Shepherd. There's that inexplicably proud moment you have when you realize that one of your neighbors drives an art car to work every day. We have a sea of gigantic president busts presiding over Summer Street, and don't forget we have a house in our midsts made entirely of beer cans. Houston's oddities are what make us awesome.

We'll take your number one slot, Cracked, and thank you.

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