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Our Favorite 4th of July Movies

While we agree that the best place to spend on the 4th is outside, preferably near a body of water, preferably with a picnic table full of watermelon and some kind of meat, and preferably with some side-of-the-road-bought fireworks, we also realize this isn't always reality. Weather's a big factor here: Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it doesn't. For weeks. And weeks. And with more than 160 Texas counties canceling fireworks displays, what the hell else is there to do?

And sometimes, you're just an antisocial wet blanket who has gotten used to the cocoon of your home who only leaves to go to work and the liquor store. Maybe the drug store for Gatorade.

Whatever your reason for staying in, we've come up with a list of our favorite All-American/patriotic/hell yeah movies to watch on the Fourth.

Top Gun Two words: Fighter jets.

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