Our Favorite Rolling Stone "Naked" Covers

Today is Rolling Stone magazine's 43rd birthday, and we're sure somewhere in Manhattan, founder Jann Wenner is snorting a line of Hunter S. Thompson's ashes while David Fricke loads up some Springsteen vinyl onto the turntable in the corner and Wenner talks to President Obama on Google Chat.

We would like to wish the publication a happy birthday and thank them for over four decades of hard-hitting political essays, celebrity profiles, musical tell-alls, our hero Rob Sheffield, and the gift of some of the best covers featuring naked boys and girls.

Rolling Stone never saw a hairy bare-ass, quasi-vagina, or glorious sideboob that it didn't like, from John and Yoko, Brooke Shields, Billy Idol, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, and a pre-Golden Corral Jessica Simpson.

Who can forget this past year, when Rolling Stone got Lady Gaga, Shaun White, Katy Perry, and The True Blood gang down and dirty, and sometimes bloody, for the cover? The Katy Perry issue was hotter than wearing a wool sweater in Houston in August.

Here are some of the best clothes-shunning Rolling Stone covers ever. Still holding out for a Christina Hendricks nudie cover. Fingers crossed.

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