People Bitching About the Sookie Stackhouse Ending Just Don't Get It

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Flashback Charlaine Harris: Saying Goodbye to Sookie

Yet that's not what fans are saying. Here's a collection of quotes from Amazon, where 1-star reviews out number 5-star ones by 50 percent.

"At the end, Sookie is worst than when the series started, because she now knows what she is going to be missing. She will have a dull existence."

"Honestly, if I had wanted that ending I would have watched any teen romcom from the 90s. It was that exact same formula. Girl is finally happy where she started, everyone SUDDENLY loves her (those that labeled her Crazy Sookie...), and whaddaya know... her bff who has been right under her nose is the guy she ends up with.. but you know.. not in a crazy, passionate, spectacular way.. but because he's always been around."

"Worst of all she leaves Sookie victimized once again. She is denied any real choice and she "settles" for what love and support she could get from safe Sam."

"These books were always primarily based around the vampire characters and situations. That is most likely what brought all the fans on board to begin with. I was disappointed that this book, the series FINALE, had hardly anything to do with the vampires."

This goes on for 93 pages of reviews, so I'll stop there. The primary gripe with the ending of Sookie's story seems to be that she didn't end up with Eric or even Bill. I'm sure at some point Charlaine Harris considered having that ending and probably a hundred others, but the reality is that Sookie was never, ever going to live happily ever after with a vampire. That's not the story Harris was telling, even if it's the story people tell themselves that it is.

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