People We Wanna Party with at SXSW

We've all been in the position where our party friends crap out on us at SXSW. Someone gets too drunk, too sober, has a fight with his girlfriend, her boyfriend, or, worse than anything else, runs out of cash.

Art Attack found some people at SXSW that you should seek out to party with, instead of your own general-population losers. These people are party with a capital P, or at least they photograph well.

She drinks old-school Budweiser, so you know she partied with her older brothers a lot, which means she's what you would call a "ride or die" bee eye tee cee aych.

And we would never ever go hungry. Keeping flush with tacos is always a pressing issue.

Of course we all wanna party with Bun B, even if it just means chilling backstage at a rap show or eating sushi.

The rat, mostly. A rat cool enough to hang out with a train-hopping punk-hobo has to have some sort of plan.

At least everything would be made of gold, right? (this is Trinidad James, by the way)

Hanging with Major Lazer dancers means never having to say you are sorry. Or that you are out of molly.

It's Snoop Whoever. Looking at him alone will make your eyes red and have you craving Wendy's. Mmmmm, fries.

Because there are no closed doors and backstage areas with this as your mascot.

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