Person of Interest: "At the Day of 'Judgment' We Shall All Meet Again"

Quote by George Whitefield

Person of Interest continues to get better. If I seem surprised, it's because my track record of picking shows to cover (The Killing, Falling Skies) hasn't been very solid to this point. But creator Jonathan Nolan is doing a capable job parceling out critical history while keeping each week's story generally engrossing.

Last night's episode was no different. Okay, so we didn't get much in the way of further back story, but the relationship between Finch and Reese continues to evolve, which -- combined with a requisite amount of the latter righteously kicking ass -- is enough to keep me interested.

The seemingly inconsequential act caught on tape that opens each show (and in each show turns out to be the linchpin for the larger story) is a hit-and-run. As no paparazzi are present, we can safely assume it involved no one famous.

Reese and Finch meet not-so-cute in a diner. Reese tries to coax more personal details from Finch, who still demurs. Oh when will this cat-and-mouse game of mutual distrust end?

Samuel Gates, come on down! The latest number from Finch's machine is a widower who garners a lot of death threats as a criminal court judge, which would appear to make their job difficult. That is, until it turns out they were focusing on the wrong Gates. Son Sam Jr. is the real target, which they belatedly realize when he's kidnapped, and Reese exhibits a...robust interest in getting him back, going to the judge to announce his presence and assure him they'll get his son back.

Meanwhile Fusco, Reese's pet cop, seems to be coming around. He and Carter are still on the trail of her mysterious "man in a suit." I like that Fusco is developing into something more than just the one-note dirty cop we were introduced to. And he's walking a fine line between helping Carter with her investigations and doing as Reese instructed, which is to "keep her out of my way."

Reese and Finch track down one of the kidnappers, who's part of an Eastern European kidnapping/drug running/general Eurotrash outfit called "SV9." Judge Gates claims never to have heard of them, but that doesn't keep Reese from stowing the guy (Leon) in the trunk of his car for future use.

It turns out SV9 wants Gates to throw the DWI case against one Angela Markham, who (surprise!) was the driver in the hit-and-run we saw at the beginning of the show. She performs some as yet undisclosed function for the gang, and while Gates tries to buy time, the gang is losing patience.

Fortunately Reese has obtained an address from Leon during a brisk round of trunk interrogation. Upon arriving, he incapacitates another gang dude and discovers a half million in cash. Carter and Fusco have determined the name of the shell corporation SV9 is using (Coldfield Holdings), which Fusco passes along to Reese. Finch discovers they purchased property at an address near Gates's house, but Gates's son isn't there, and thanks to the judge's machinations, the jury finds Angela not guilty.

Everybody with me so far?

Finch also discovers Angela's connection to SV9: Her tech company makes bank software that detects money laundering, only she's been disabling it for the gang, allowing them to launder not just their money, but money for other bad guys.

Reese somehow makes it back downtown in time to scoop up Angela, even as Judge Gates goes to his ill-fated rendezvous to recover his son. Of course, we know the Euros are just going to kill them both. That is until Reese shows up, a gun to Angela's head, and informs the big boss (Koska, played by Fringe's Michael Cerveris) he's siphoned all his money off to an offshore account. If Gates and his son don't go free, he threatens to let all his criminal buddies know Koska lost their money.

And it would've been a consummate switcheroo, if Koska didn't just up and decide to shoot everyone anyway. Luckily (and almost comically), Reese is a human version of the death blossom from The Last Starfighter and coolly blows all the baddies away.

Finally, Carter and Fusco (after exhibiting the worst entry protocol of any TV cops I've ever seen) show up at the Coldfield address and find Angela, the gang members and the laundered money.

For a denouement, Reese joins Finch at the diner again. Only this time, Finch actually gives him a breakfast recommendation, and Reese...cracks a smile. Three cheers for character development!

Next week: Reese...gets some?

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