Person of Interest: "Did We Actually Accomplish Anything Here?"

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I noticed a slight alteration to the opening credits, unless Reese in the crosshairs (as a "Threat to Asset") or Fusco with a gun to his head has been seen before. Give me a break, this show takes two or three weeks off on a regular basis.

So some secrets were divulged last night, and the tables turned a bit on Snow, the CIA Agent You Love to Hate. How this plays out in the remaining three weeks remains to be seen, but I suspect we're going to find out some things we don't really like about Mr. Finch.

The show opens with a short flashback (meaning elapsed time, not duration -- we'll spend a full third of the episode's running time in the past) to 2010, where Reese and Kara Stanton are working in Morocco. Stanton's interrogating a prisoner, while Reese swaps out SIM cards and receives a voice mail from Jessica, who wants to talk. Something was bothering her enough to prompt Reese to take some leave and go to her aid.

But we'll have to wait on that. Back in the present, Carter and Reese discuss issues of trust over drinks. Carter wants to know more about "what they do here" (I keep hearing Walter Peck say that), so Reese points out the latest Number of the Week, a wayward boyfriend Carter keeps from getting shot by his GF. No sooner does that happen than Mr. Finch calls about a new number. Carter's probably regretting her persistence right about now.

The new NotW is Tommy Clay, husband, and father of one. He's an armored-car driver, and Reese will keep tabs by going along for the ride as a trainee. Reese and Finch disapprove of the crew's tomfoolery. And the car's driver seems pretty nonchalant about Reese almost perforating him.

I see a guy coming at me in a clown mask, I'm shooting. I'm surprised that's even up for debate.

Back in Morocco, Stanton and Reese are told they're being reassigned to China to track down a wayward laptop that may have a version of the Stuxnet virus on it with which the Chinese government will attempt to "inoculate" itself, or reprogram, or something. Network TV's grasp (or lack thereof) of hacking doesn't interest me. Reese doesn't want to go, for obvious, Jessica-related reasons. One more thing: They can't take phones or network devices of any kind. Oh, and one more thing: Snow tells Reese he's to kill Stanton after they secure the package. She's apparently been compromised, because Snow never lies about anything.

Still, this is in keeping with what he told Carter.

Reese and Stanton are given 72 hours to retrieve the laptop, though it becomes pretty clear something else is afoot. Especially when they come across a few dozen corpses in the supposedly abandoned "company town." A lone survivor (well, before Stanton shoots him, anyway) says the killers came for "the machine." While they're waiting for pickup, Stanton wonders aloud where the CIA gets their orders. Cut to: Reese following her with a handgun.

Things are getting tense, so we head back to 2012. Reese is enjoying the camaraderie with his new armored-car buddies -- that is, until Clay helps a couple of skiing enthusiasts rip off several pounds of platinum and pops Reese in his (body-armored) back.

Okay, did Reese not get Carter's photos? I thought "Frank Lowell" totally looked like Clay.

Anyhoo, Carter and Finch determine that Clay was having an affair with Ashley, a diner waitress. That $5K diamond bracelet should've been a giveaway, Reese. Turn in your paddle and eyepatch, you're just not CIA.

Fusco, meanwhile, is neck deep in HR's new racket: picking up the pieces of the blackmail jobs left hanging by the deaths of the five dons. His new partner Lynch has him hustling after cash, which Reese tells him to do with what he likes. Fusco, confirming himself to be a softie at heart, takes his son to buy new hockey gear.

Wait, wait...the guy's name is "Lynch"? That's fantastic. He and Officer Stacy Koon of the LAPD should have their own spinoff.

Lynch assigns Fusco to a pick-up in Brooklyn. And "failure is not an option." What a surprise when he and Reese end up at Clay's apartment simultaneously. Reese chases down Ashley, but she doesn't know where he is. Finch hacks Clay's new phone and determines where the hand-off is going to be. He passes the information on to Carter, but the CIA -- in the persons of Agents Snow and Evans -- pays her a visit, leaving Reese alone to go after Clay.

His motivations are pretty mundane. "Oh, they had money and I didn't. Boo-hoo." Unfortunately, seasoned ex-CIA operative Reese lets Ashley get the drop on him. Finch tries to rustle up Fusco for help, but he's stuck with Lynch...because they're going to get the platinum from Ashley. Bada bing bada boom, Fusco shoots Lynch with Ashley's gun before he can kill Reese to make it look like a bungled collar. We'll see how that plays out.

In our final flashback, Reese decides not to shoot Stanton, only to get shot by her. She was fed the same "compromised" story, only she's inadvertently given their handlers a target for a laser-guided bomb, and it looks like she's taken out while Reese barely escapes.

So of course she survived, and she ain't happy with Snow.

Next week: Three episodes to go, and Reese is going rogue.

Of Further Interest:

Fusco's about fed up with Reese, and I have a bad feeling about what the future holds for the ex-dirty cop.

"He killed his friend in cold blood and shot me in the back. I wasn't thinking of *protecting* him."

What is Finch's "Chinese connection"? If there really was a purloined Machine prototype, did it fall into his hands? And how?

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